About Us

The Captain is a mysterious pirate, having appeared online with bundles of games in 2012. No one knows the land of his origin, but rumours quickly spread of his cheap prices and excellent customer service.

Since he washed ashore, he continually scours the seas looking for the best games, and lowest prices, to give his clients the most bang for their hard earned coinage. He prides himself on his "Captain's Booty" periodically offering one game at a rock-bottom price, for those who order two other regularly priced items.

Stuff you need to know about our company:

As a Canadian company our prices are in Canadian dollars and all prices include applicable taxes.

Other than shipping, the price you see is the price you pay!

Item Availability

If an item shows up with a price of $0.00 below the title, it means the item isn't in stock right now. If you wish you order a copy, e-mail us to let us know, or include the item in your cart when you check out and we will order it for you. We will ship your order when everything is in stock. 

We are a proudly Canadian company based out of Toronto, Ontario. We are pleased to offer shipping services Canada-wide and to our friends to the south in the United States, but unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide service internationally. 

Give the Captain a try! You'll be glad you did.

(signed the Captain)