Boxing Day sale extended! December 27 2015

Yarr! The boxing day sale was so much fun the Captain's decided to extend it until the new year! 

Boxing day prices last until Dec 31 at 11:59 pm.

And if you order something that's in stock, but not on sale, the Captain will give you a 5% discount on that as well!

Happy Holidays! November 26 2015

The Seven Seas are the best place to get your Holiday gifts! If you need games for that special someone who believes in cardboard above all, send the Captain an e-mail! He's happy to fulfill your lists! 

Lost data! Black Friday Sale! November 25 2015

Hello everyone,


I was recently updating the site with some recent titles, but unfortunately it crashed and I lost what I was working on!


It had new releases for the last couple months! 


I'm working on building it up again but it will take time. 


So if there's something you want but don't I please ask! My prices are the best (and beat the after tax prices of even the cheapest Canadian competitor)!



Also we're doing a Black Friday Sale! Check back on Friday morning for a page dedicated to sale items!



The Captain

Don't see something? The Captain can find it! June 04 2015



If there's something you don't see on our website, send The Captain an e-mail! He has ways of getting you the things you want...or need. Don't be shy, he's a polite pirate, he only RARELY bites!


The Captain pulling in to a port near you April 03 2014

Ahoy maties,


The Captain is planning to make land at a few conventions in the next few months. As we have those dates and booths confirmed, we will be posting the info!


You should come visit. If you reference this blog post when you do, The Captain will give you 5% off his treasure during the convention.


The Captain WANTED to make this discount contingent on you talking like a pirate, but we didn't want to discourage anyone from stopping by. Of course if you DO talk like a pirate, you'll make The Captain's day. And don't you want to make an old pirate's day?



Happy New Year from the Captain! January 03 2014



Happy New Year my salty friends. I hope all your holiday ships came in full to the brim with games o' all sorts!


We've added a new link to our navigation page. It's called new stuff. It's for stuff that's new (original, I know). Now you can quickly see what's new at a glance without sailing through our entire inventory.


Happy gaming all! And may the wind in 2014 be ever at yer aft!



Captain's Markers - CBG now offering gift certificates November 25 2013

Just in time for the holidays, Captain Boardgames is offering gift certificates. 


Want your family to give you a game, but aren't sure which? Let them give you access to the Captain's Chest to look through at your leisure!


Captain's Markers will never expire. And will say so right on it. You've got my seal to ensure it!


Set sail for Social Media November 13 2013

"Yarr, ne'er did I think I'd see the day when I'd find meself on social media. But 'lo and behold that's where I found me ship not so long ago! (Last week) I'll invite ye t'follow me on twitter @CapBoardgames or like me (I know ye already do, but click the little button on me page that proves it!) at


All my Captain's Booty deals will appear thar first so I'd encourage ye to sign up an' see what yer friend the Captain has in store for ye! That'n he's funnier than a bulldog in a ballet dress."



Exciting Dispatch from the Captain: Big news November 04 2013

Yarr. The Captain's made some new friends (bein' he's a personable pirate, o'course) and is now stocking Asmodee and Z-Man products. 


Havin' a full range o' booty for me friends, is job one for the Captain!


Welcome to the new October 13 2013

``Arrr. Welcome, my salty friends, to our new and improved flagship on the 8th sea (the internet)!

You'll find a lot of new content, and features on our new site, including the much clamoured for `search` function. You'll also find the site more intuitive and easy to use overall! In my not so humble opinion, the site looks better, too.``

So please let us know what you think of the new look and features of the site.


(Signed the Captain)